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We like good food, ingenuity, and instant gratification. That’s how a late-night search for munchies in 2014 lead us down a rabbit hole of wonton wrappers and leftovers to birth our first dumpling.

We pride ourselves on being creative and we believe the dumpling is the perfect vehicle to channel that energy. We’ve come a long way since that first kitchen raid. We’ve moved on to fresher, higher quality food and developed our own signature dough recipe. But, we always try to embody that original hunger-filled alchemy that set us on this amazing path.

Whether you’re ordering from our food trucks or joining us for a sit-down at a store, we strive to deliver friendly service that puts food in your belly as fast as possible while maintaining our standards of quality.

We are always looking for the hardest working and most committed people possible. If you have a great attitude and desire to improve, we will grow together.

To work at Humpty’s, our people need to have a quality-focused mentality: you must be able to quickly assemble and cook ingredients, ensure accuracy & “make it purdy”. We want to share in our desire to bring an excellent experience to our customers.

We’ve had the good fortune to serve our dumplings all over the country but we’re proud to say we’re Philly local. Harnessing the grit and dedication (and iconic flavors) that flow through this city is a large part of what has made us successful. We strive to show that appreciation through innovative, delicious food and a flexible menu.

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